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US History Since 1877 EOC (TEKS Streamlined) Practice

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  • Questions 3,085
  • Vocabulary Terms 655
  • Performance Tasks 222
  • Instructional Videos 222

Test Standards

  1. (1.A-C) Celebrate Freedom Week
  2. (2.A&B) Historical Points of Reference
  3. (3.A) Populist Era
  4. (3.B) The Rise of Industry
  5. (3.C & D ) Social Issues
  6. (4.A & B) American Imperialism
  7. (4.C) World War I: Causes
  8. (4.D-F) World War I: On the Battlefield
  9. (5.A) The Progressive Era
  10. (5.B&C) Muckrakers and Third Parties
  11. (6.A) The Roaring 20's
  12. (6.B) 1920s Personalities
  13. (7.A-B) World War II: Causes
  14. (7.C) World War II: Major Issues
  15. (7.D) World War II: Events
  16. (7.E) World War II: Personalities
  17. (7.F&G) World War II: The Home Front
  18. (8.A) The Early Cold War
  19. (8.B) The Second Red Scare
  20. (8.C) The Korean War
  21. (8.D) The Domino Theory
  22. (8.E) The Vietnam War
  23. (8.F) The Vietnam War: the Home Front
  24. (9.A) The Civil Rights Movement
  25. (9.B) Opposition to Equality
  26. (9.C) Civil Rights Organizations
  27. (9.D) The Civil Rights Movement: Personalities
  28. (9.E&F) Differing Approaches to Civil Rights
  29. (9.G) Civil Rights Legislation
  30. (9.H) Resisting Civil Rights
  31. (9.I&J) Civil Rights Cases
  32. (10.A) The Nixon Era
  33. (10.B) The Reagan Era
  34. (10.C) The U.S. in the Middle East
  35. (10.D) The Conservatives
  36. (10.E) Social Problems
  37. (11.A) The U.S. After the Cold War
  38. (11.B) Political Groups
  39. (11.C) Recent Presidential Elections
  1. (12) Geographic Factors
  2. (13.A&B) Migration & Immigration
  3. (14.A) Populations
  4. (14.B) Government Entities & the Environment
  1. (18.A) The New Deal's Impact
  2. (18.B) Policy Changes in Times of Crisis
  3. (18.C) Political Scandals
  4. (18.D) Contemporary Legislation
  5. (19.A) Legislative/Executive Balance
  6. (20.B) Relationships of the Branches
  7. (20.A) Landmark Decisions
  8. (20.B) Amending the Constitution
  9. (21.A&B) American Exceptionalism
  10. (22.A) Political Participation
  11. (22.B) Political Rights
  12. (22.C) Civic Participation
  13. (22.D) Naturalization
  14. (23.A) Effective Leadership
  15. (H.23.B) The Medal of Honor
  1. (15.A) The Economics of the Frontier
  2. (15.B) Laissez-Faire and Regulation
  3. (15.C) 19th Century Foreign Policy
  4. (15.D) War and the Economy
  5. (16.A) 1920s Prosperity
  6. (16.B&C) Great Depression: Causes & Effects
  7. (16.D&E) The New Deal
  8. (17.A) World War II & the Economy
  9. (17.B) 1950s Prosperity
  10. (17.C) Cold War Spending
  11. (17.D) Government & the Private Sector
  12. (17.E) International Trade
  13. (26.A-C) Impact of Science
  14. (27.A&B) Scientific Discoveries
  1. (24.A&B) Arts and the Times
  2. (24.C) American Cultural Diffusion
  3. (25.A-C) Our National Identity
  4. (26.D) Important American Women

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