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US History EOC (TEKS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,408
  • Vocabulary Terms 507
  • Performance Tasks 176
  • Instructional Videos 168

Test Standards

  1. (H.2) Historical Points of Reference
  2. (H.3) The Gilded Age
  3. (H.4) Becoming a World Power
  4. (H.5) The Progressive Movement
  5. (H.6) The Roaring 20's
  6. (H.7) World War II
  7. (H.8) The Cold War
  8. (H.9) The Civil Rights Movement
  9. (H.10) 1970s to 1990s
  10. (H.11) Since the 1990s
  1. (H.12) Geographic Factors
  2. (H.13) Migration & Immigration
  3. (H.14) Population Growth and Modernization
  4. (H.25) Arts and the Times
  5. (H.26) Our National Identity
  1. (H.19) Role of Government
  2. (H.20) The Branches of Government
  3. (H.21) Constitutional Issues
  4. (H.22) American Exceptionalism
  5. (H.23) The Democratic Process
  6. (H.24) Effective Leadership
  1. (H.15) Economic Growth
  2. (H.16) The Economy Between the War
  3. (H.17) The Economy of World War II and the Cold War
  4. (H.18) Economic Interdependence
  5. (H.27) Impact of Science
  6. (H.28) Scientific Discoveries

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