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World Geography (TEKS Streamlined) Practice

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  • Questions 983
  • Vocabulary Terms 177
  • Performance Tasks 56
  • Instructional Videos 60

Test Standards

  1. (1.A&B) Geography Shapes History
  2. (2.A&B) Change Over Time
  3. (13.A&B) Political Units
  4. (14.A-C) Geography and Government
  5. (15.A&B) Influences on Politics
  1. (3.A-C) Physical Processes
  2. (4.A-C) Landforms, Climates, Ecosystems
  3. (5.A&B) Cultural Influences
  4. (6.A&B) Settlement Patterns
  5. (7.A-D) World Population
  6. (8.A-C) Environmental Interdependence
  7. (9.A&B) Regions
  1. (16.A-C) Effects of Culture
  2. (17.A-D) Characteristics of Culture
  3. (18.A-D) Cultural Change & Continuity
  1. (10.A-D) Economic Systems
  2. (11.A-C) Economic Activities
  3. (12.A&B) Importance of Natural Resources
  4. (19.A-C) Modifying the Environment
  5. (20.A&B) Technology and Resources

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