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World History (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 2,154
  • Vocabulary Terms 471
  • Performance Tasks 154
  • Instructional Videos 166

Test Standards

  1. (1.1.A-D) Historical Points of Reference
  2. (1.2.A-C) Early Civilizations
  3. (1.3.A-C) Classical Civilizations
  4. (1.4.A-F) To the Renaissance, pt. 1
  5. (1.4.G-K) To the Renaissance, pt. 2
  6. (1.5.A&B) Renaissance to Reformation
  7. (1.6.A&B) Maya, Inca, & Aztec Civilizations
  8. (1.7.A-F) European Expansion
  1. (2.1.E-F) Historical Points of Reference
  2. (2.8.A-E) Industrialism and Imperialism
  3. (2.9.A-D) Revolutions
  4. (2.10.A-D) World War I
  5. (2.11.A&B) Global Economic Depression
  6. (2.12.A-C) World War II
  7. (2.13.A-F) Cold War
  8. (2.14.A&B) The War on Terrorism
  1. (3.16.A&B) Geographic Factors on History
  2. (3.23.A&B) Religious and Philosophical Traditions
  3. (3.24.A&B) Women, Children, & Families
  4. (3.25.A-D) Ideas and Institutions
  5. (3.26.A&B) The Arts
  1. (4.19.A&B) Historical Political Systems
  2. (4.20.A-D) Evolution of Democratic Government
  3. (4.21.A-C) Political Choices & Decisions
  4. (5.22.A-E) Development of Political Concepts
  1. (5.17) Neolithic and Industrial Revolutions
  2. (5.18.A-E) Contemporary Economic Systems
  3. (5.27.A-E) Discoveries in Science and Technology
  4. (5.28.A-E) Science & Technology post-17th Century

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