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6th Grade Mathematics (TEKS) Practice

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  • Questions 3,630
  • Vocabulary Terms 229
  • Performance Tasks 164
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Test Standards

  1. (6.2.A) Classify numbers
  2. (6.2.B) Opposites and absolute values
  3. (6.2.C) Order rationals
  4. (6.2.D) Order in contexts
  5. (6.2.E) Division
  6. (6.4.C) Ratios as comparisons
  7. (6.4.D) Rates as comparisons
  8. (6.4.E) Rates and percents
  9. (6.4.F) Benchmark fractions
  10. (6.4.G) Fractions, decimals, percents
  11. (6.5.C) Use fractions, decimals, percents
  12. (6.7.A) Numerical expressions
  13. (6.7.B) Expressions and equations
  14. (6.7.C) Equivalent expressions
  15. (6.7.D) Simplify expressions
  1. (6.3.A) Reciprocals
  2. (6.3.B) Fraction multiplication
  3. (6.3.C) Integer operations
  4. (6.3.D) Operate with integers
  5. (6.3.E) Multiply and divide rationals
  6. (6.4.A) Compare rules
  7. (6.4.B) Apply reasoning
  8. (6.5.A) Ratios and rates
  9. (6.5.B) Solve problems
  10. (6.6.A) Independent and dependent quantities
  11. (6.6.B) Write an equation
  12. (6.6.C) Represent a situation
  13. (6.9.A) Write equations and inequalities
  14. (6.9.B) Solutions on number lines
  15. (6.9.C) Problems from equations
  16. (6.10.A) Model and solve
  17. (6.10.B) Check solutions
  1. (6.4.H) Convert units
  2. (6.8.A) Triangles
  3. (6.8.B) Area formulas
  4. (6.8.C) Area equations
  5. (6.8.D) Determine solutions
  6. (6.11.A) Graph points
  1. (6.12.A) Represent data
  2. (6.12.B) Describe data
  3. (6.12.C) Summarize numeric data
  4. (6.12.D) Summarize categorical data
  5. (6.13.A) Interpret data graphs
  6. (6.13.B) Data variability
  7. (6.14.A) Compare features
  8. (6.14.B) Debit and credit cards
  9. (6.14.C) Check register
  10. (6.14.E) Credit reports
  11. (6.14.F) Value of credit reports
  12. (6.14.G) Paying for college
  13. (6.14.H) Annual salaries

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