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7th Grade Mathematics (TEKS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (7.2.A) Sets and subsets
  2. (7.6.A) Sample spaces
  3. (7.6.C) Experimental data
  4. (7.6.D) Theoretical probability
  5. (7.6.E) Simple events
  6. (7.6.H) Use predictions
  7. (7.6.I) Determine probabilities
  1. (7.3.A) Rational number operations
  2. (7.3.B) Solve problems
  3. (7.4.A) Constant rates of change
  4. (7.4.B) Unit rates
  5. (7.4.C) Constant of proportionality
  6. (7.4.D) Ratio, rate, percent problems
  7. (7.7.A) Linear relationships
  8. (7.10.A) Write equations and inequalities
  9. (7.10.B) Solutions on number lines
  10. (7.10.C) Problems from equations
  11. (7.11.A) Model and solve
  12. (7.11.B) Check solutions
  1. (7.4.E) Convert between systems
  2. (7.5.A) Similarity
  3. (7.5.B) Pi
  4. (7.5.C) Similarity problems
  5. (7.9.A) Volume problems
  6. (7.9.B) Circumference and area
  7. (7.9.C) Composite figures
  8. (7.9.D) Lateral and surface area
  9. (7.11.C) Geometry equations
  1. (7.6.G) Data representations
  2. (7.12.A) Dot plots, box plots
  3. (7.12.B) Random sample
  4. (7.12.C) Compare populations
  5. (7.13.A) Tax
  6. (7.13.B) Budgets
  7. (7.13.C) Assets and liabilities
  8. (7.13.D) Household budget
  9. (7.13.E) Interest
  10. (7.13.F) Monetary incentives

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