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7th Grade Writing (TEKS) Practice

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  • Questions 835
  • Vocabulary Terms 98
  • Performance Tasks 126
  • Instructional Videos 55

Test Standards

  1. (14.B) Develop drafts
  2. (14.C) Revise drafts
  3. (14.D) Edit drafts
  4. (17.A) Write an essay
  5. (18.A) Persuasive: thesis
  6. (18.C) Persuasive: audience and evidence
  7. (19.A.i-ii) Verbs and appositives
  8. (19.A.iii-iv) Adverbial/adjectival & conjunctive adverbs
  9. (19.A.v-vi) Prepositions and pronouns
  10. (19.A.vii-viii) Conjunctions, transitions
  11. (19.B) Sentences and clauses
  12. (19.C) Variety of sentences
  13. (20.A) Capitalization
  14. (20.B) Punctuation
  15. (21.A) Spelling

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