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8th Grade Science (TEKS Streamlined) Practice

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  • Questions 3,092
  • Vocabulary Terms 450
  • Performance Tasks 244
  • Instructional Videos 118

Test Standards

  1. (8.5A) Atom Structure
  2. (8.5B) Protons & Valence Electrons
  3. (8.5C) Periodic Table Arrangement
  4. (8.5D) Chemical Formulas
  5. (8.5E) Chemical Reaction Evidence
  6. (7.5B) Energy Flow
  7. (7.6A) Physical and Chemical Changes
  8. (6.6A) Metals and Nonmetals
  9. (6.6B) Density
  1. (8.6A) Unbalanced Forces
  2. (8.6B) Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration
  3. (8.6C) Law of Inertia
  4. (6.8A) Potential and Kinetic
  5. (6.8C) Calculate Average Speed
  6. (6.8D) Measure Motion Changes
  7. (6.9C) Demonstrate Energy Transformations
  1. (8.7A) Earth Rotation
  2. (8.7B) Lunar Cycle Events
  3. (8.7C) Ocean Tides
  4. (8.8A) Universe Components
  5. (8.8B) Medium-Sized Star
  6. (8.8C) Electromagnetic Spectrum
  7. (8.9B) Relate Plate Tectonics
  8. (8.9A) Plate Tectonic Theory
  9. (8.9C) Interpret Topographic Maps
  10. (8.10A) Convection
  11. (8.10B) Weather
  12. (8.10C) Oceans Role
  13. (7.8C) Human Activity Affects Water
  14. (6.11B) Gravity
  1. (8.11A) Biotic & Abiotic Factors
  2. (8.11B) Environmental Changes
  3. (8.11C) Ocean Systems
  4. (7.10B) Biodiversity sustains ecosystem
  5. (7.10C) Ecological role
  6. (7.11A) Examine Organisms
  7. (7.11C) Genetic Trait Changes
  8. (7.12B) Human Organism Functions
  9. (7.12D) Cell Organelles
  10. (7.12F) Cell Theory
  11. (7.14B) Uniform or Diverse Offspring
  12. (7.14C) Inherited Traits
  13. (6.12D) Organism Characteristics
  1. (8.1A/4B) Safety
  2. (8.1B) Appropriate Use of Resources
  3. (8.2A) Comparative and Descriptive Investigations
  4. (8.2B) Experimental Investigations
  5. (8.2C) Data
  6. (8.2D) Tables and Graphs
  7. (8.2E) Conclusions
  8. (8.3A) Critical Thinking
  9. (8.3B) Models
  10. (8.3C) Pros and Cons of Models
  11. (8.3D) History of Science
  12. (8.4A) Appropriate Tools

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