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8th Grade Mathematics (TEKS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,250
  • Vocabulary Terms 156
  • Performance Tasks 94
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Test Standards

  1. (8.2.A) Sets and subsets
  2. (8.2.B) Irrationals
  3. (8.2.C) Scientific notation
  4. (8.2.D) Order reals
  1. (8.4.A) Slope
  2. (8.4.B) Proportional relationships
  3. (8.4.C) Rate of change
  4. (8.5.A) Linear proportion situations
  5. (8.5.B) Linear, non-proportional
  6. (8.5.E) Direct variation problems
  7. (8.5.F) Distinguish situations
  8. (8.5.G) Identify functions
  9. (8.5.H) Function examples
  10. (8.5.I) Write an equation
  11. (8.8.A) Write equations or inequalities
  12. (8.8.B) Problems from equations
  13. (8.8.C) Model and solve
  14. (8.9.A) Identify solutions
  1. (8.3.A) Side ratios
  2. (8.3.B) Dilations
  3. (8.3.C) Scale factors
  4. (8.6.A) Cylinder volume
  5. (8.6.C) Pythagorean theorem
  6. (8.7.A) Volume problems
  7. (8.7.B) Lateral and surface area
  8. (8.7.C) Use Pythagorean Theorem
  9. (8.7.D) Distance
  10. (8.8.D) Angles in triangles, etc.
  11. (8.10.A) Transformation properties
  12. (8.10.B) Transformations and congruence
  13. (8.10.C) Algebraic representations
  14. (8.10.D) Dilation effects
  1. (8.5.C) Bivariate sets
  2. (8.5.D) Trend lines
  3. (8.11.A) Scatterplots and association
  4. (8.11.B) Mean absolute deviation
  5. (8.12.A) Cost of credit
  6. (8.12.C) Compounded growth
  7. (8.12.D) Interest
  8. (8.12.G) Estimate tuition

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