STAAR® Grade 6 Science Practice

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Scientific Investigations and Reasoning 20%
Matter and Energy 20%
Force, Motion, and Energy 20%
Earth And Space 20%
Organisms and Environments 20%
  • Questions 1,866
  • Vocabulary Terms 281
  • Performance Tasks 179
  • Instructional Videos 65

Test Standards

Scientific Investigations and Reasoning
1. (1A/4A)  Safety
2. (1B)  Appropriate Use and Conservation
3. (2A)  Comparative and Descriptive Investigations
4. (2B)  Experimental Investigations
5. (2C)  Data
6. (2D)  Tables and Graphs
7. (2E)  Conclusions
8. (3A)  Analyze and Critique Conclusions
9. (3B)  Models
10. (3C)  Pros and Cons of Models
11. (3D)  History of Science
12. (4A)  Appropriate Tools
Matter and Energy
1. (5A)  Chemical Symbols
2. (5B)  Earth's Elements
3. (5C)  Chemical Change
4. (6A)  Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
5. (6B)  Density
6. (6C)  Minerals
7. (7A)  Energy Resources
Force, Motion, and Energy
1. (8A)  Potential and Kinetic Energy
2. (8B)  Position, Direction, and Speed
3. (8C)  Average Speed
4. (8D)  Motion
5. (8E)  Inclined Planes and Pulleys
6. (9A)  Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
7. (9B)  Thermal Energy
8. (9C)  Energy Transformations
Earth And Space
1. (10A)  Layers of the Earth
2. (10B)  Classify Rocks
3. (10C)  Major Tectonic Plates
4. (10D)  Plate Tectonics
5. (11A)  Our Solar System
6. (11B)  Gravity
7. (11C)  History of Space Exploration
Organisms and Environments
1. (12A)  Cells
2. (12B)  Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote
3. (12C)  Domains
4. (12D)  Kingdoms
5. (12E)  Biotic and Abiotic
6. (12F)  Ecosystem Organization