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STAAR® Grade 7 Science Practice

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  • Questions 1,945
  • Vocabulary Terms 282
  • Performance Tasks 174
  • Instructional Videos 72

Test Standards

  1. (1A/4B) Safety
  2. (1B) Appropriate Use of Resources
  3. (2A) Comparative and Descriptive Investigations
  4. (2B) Experimental Investigations
  5. (2C) Data
  6. (2D) Tables and Graphs
  7. (2E) Conclusions
  8. (3A) Critical Thinking
  9. (3B) Models
  10. (3C) Pros and Cons of Models
  11. (3D) History of Science
  12. (4A) Appropriate Tools
  1. (5A) Photosynthesis
  2. (5B) Flow of Energy
  3. (6A) Physical and Chemical Changes
  1. (7A) Transformation of Energy
  2. (7B) Motion in Life
  1. (8A) Catastrophic Events
  2. (8B) Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
  3. (8C) Humans and Water
  4. (9A) Solar System
  5. (9B) Space Exploration
  1. (10A) Different Environments
  2. (10B) Biodiversity
  3. (10C) Succession
  4. (11A) Dichotomous Key
  5. (11B) Variation
  6. (11C) Genetic Traits
  7. (12A) Internal Adaptations
  8. (12B) Human Systems
  9. (12C) Levels of Organization
  10. (12D) Plant vs Animal Cell
  11. (12E) Cell vs. Organism
  12. (12F) Cell Theory
  13. (13A) Stimuli and Response
  14. (13B) Internal Stimuli
  15. (14A) Heredity
  16. (14B) Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
  17. (14C) Genetic Material

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