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Since 2013, USATestprep has proudly partnered with Charter Schools USA to provide teachers with the FSA-aligned resources they need to help all students succeed.
B.E.S.T. standards available summer 2021!

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100% STANDARDS ALIGNED: Our platform delivers teacher-written, standards-aligned content with daily tools for the creation of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, progress monitoring, and customized remediation. Learn more.

STANDARDS-BASED DIAGNOSTICS: Start the year with pre-built assessments with data you can measure against throughout the year. We specialize in helping assess where students are against state standards for every subject and grade level. Learn more.

LOW-COST PROVIDER: Your subscriptionLearn more. gives unlimited access to all students and teachers at your school. School and district bundle options dramatically lower costs.

DID YOU KNOW? We have independent peer-reviewed studies supporting USATestprep’s Tier 2 ESSA compliance. Learn more.
Adaptive learning for grades 2-8 is now available with Liftoff!
High School - Progress Learning
Middle School - Progress Learning

Middle School Progress Learning platform - $6,950

Savings: 66% discount

The Progress Learning platform allows for easy remediation with resources from lower grade levels and enrichment resources for higher achieving students, providing the full spectrum of resources to meet each and every student at his or her level of understanding.

Elementary School - Progress Learning


We’re a teacher’s go-to resource, whether students are in a classroom, at home, or in a blended environment!

  • Pre-Built or Build-Your-Own assessments available for diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments
  • Easy-click remediation allows students to move through material at their own pace and benefit from differentiated instruction
  • Standards-aligned videos, games, projector questions, vocabulary worksheets/flashcards, interactive puzzles, bell-ringer questions, item of the day, and more
  • Teachers, administrators, and students are all able to review progress KPIs and see growth on each standard.
Q: Do you offer class rostering?

A: Yes, we offer SSO and class rostering. We integrate with Clever, Google Classroom, and Canvas.

Q: Can my school use USATP for all subjects and grade levels?

A: Teachers tell us one of the biggest advantages of using USATP is our all-in-one platform that covers the core four (ELA, math, science, social studies) as well as AP, SAT/ACT, physics, Hamlet, and more.

Q: Where can I see the course catalog?

A: You can view a list of courses here.

OUR MOST POPULAR COURSE: Our 8th-grade Physical Science (NGSSS) course includes a FREE statewide assessment.
Q: Do you offer professional development?

A: Yes! We offer free monthly webinars, customized onboarding, weekly tips via email, and right now we’re helping educators get an early jump on next school year with Day One Diagnostics summer training. Sign-up for training.

"USATestprep has served as the BEST progress monitoring tool available to help assess, remediate, and offer students individualized practice that mirrors state assessments.”
“USATestprep has been the answer to the ever-evolving needs of my students. It provides all of the tools I need for remediation, extension, test prep, daily bell ringers, lessons, and much more. Its ease of use makes it accessible to everyone.”
“USATestprep is a great way to discover individual weaknesses and create extra practice which will help you bring up those state test scores. I am a true testament to increasing student achievement with this program. Since I started using USATestprep three years ago, I am considered a Highly Effective Teacher in my state. My students are more confident, and their true abilities shine through.”
“There is so much I love about USATestprep! However, the data analysis is without a doubt my favorite part. To be able to give students a standard-based assessment and right away see where they need help is key. The Green Dot challenge reinforces the importance of differentiation. When using USATestprep, I know that each student is receiving the assistance that they need to succeed.”

Want the inside scoop? Our Florida Brand Ambassadors are happy to talk to you about their experience using USATP in and outside the classroom.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 1-877-377-9537 or schedule time with Senior School Development Executive Tiffany Haseker for a personalized walkthrough of our platform features.

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