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United States History I Practice

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  • Questions 1,179
  • Vocabulary Terms 279
  • Performance Tasks 99
  • Instructional Videos 118

Test Standards

  1. (I.1.1) Pre-Columbian Societies
  2. (I.1.2) The Age of Exploration
  3. (I.1.3&1.4) Effects of Exploration
  1. (I.2.1) Colonial Footholds
  2. (I.2.2) The Thirteen Colonies
  3. (I.2.3) Daily Life in the Colonies
  4. (I.2.4) Regional Differences
  1. (I.3.1) Causes of the American Revolution
  2. (I.3.2) Fighting the Revolution
  3. (I.3.3) Revolutionary Individuals
  4. (I.3.4) Impact of the Revolution
  1. (I.4.1) Creating the Constitution
  2. (I.4.2) The Constitution
  3. (I.4.3) Evolving Rights
  4. (I.4.4) American Exceptionalism
  1. (I.5.1) Political Parties Emerge
  2. (I.5.2) Early Reform Movements
  3. (I.5.3) Rights Expand
  1. (I.6.1) Territorial Expansion
  2. (I.6.2) Expansion & Native Americans
  3. (I.6.3) New Technologies
  4. (I.6.4) Impact of Change
  1. (I.7.1) Sectionalism
  2. (I.7.2) Fighting the Civil War
  3. (I.7.3) Reconstruction
  4. (I.7.4) Impact of the Civil War & Reconstruction

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