Virginia Grade 6 Science 2019 Practice

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Scientific and Engineering Practices10%
Solar System11%
Sun-Earth-Moon Relationship11%
Human Impacts11%
  • Questions: 1,607
  • Two-Part Items: 32
  • Vocabulary Terms: 393
  • Performance Tasks: 257
  • Instructional Videos: 85

Test Standards

Scientific and Engineering Practices
1. (6.1.a)  Questions And Problems
2. (6.1.b)  Investigations
3. (6.1.c)  Data
4. (6.1.d)  Conclusions
5. (6.1.e)  Models
6. (6.1.f)  Communication
Solar System
1. (6.2.a)  Distribution Of Matter
2. (6.2.b)  Planets
3. (6.2.c)  Gravity And Orbits
4. (6.2.d)  Understanding Of Solar System
Sun-Earth-Moon Relationship
1. (6.3.a)  Unique Properties
2. (6.3.b)  Day And Night
3. (6.3.c)  Moon Phases
4. (6.3.d)  Seasons
5. (6.3.e)  Tides
1. (6.4.a)  Sun And Energy
2. (6.4.b)  Energy Budget
3. (6.4.c)  Radiation, Conduction, And Convection
4. (6.4.d)  Energy Transformations
1. (6.5.a)  Parts Of An Atom
2. (6.5.b)  Elements Are Unique
3. (6.5.c)  Chemical Symbols
4. (6.5.d)  Bonds
5. (6.5.e)  Chemical Formulas
6. (6.5.f)  Chemical Equations
7. (6.5.g)  Few Important Elements
1. (6.6.a)  Universal Solvent
2. (6.6.b)  Properties Of Water
3. (6.6.c)  Thermal Energy And Phase Change
4. (6.6.d)  Weathering
5. (6.6.e)  Climate And Uses For Water
1. (6.7.a)  Air Is A Mixture
2. (6.7.b)  Characteristics Of Atmosphere
3. (6.7.c)  Atmosphere And Altitude
4. (6.7.d)  Air Movement And Weather
5. (6.7.e)  Predict Weather
6. (6.7.f)  Weather Maps
1. (6.8.a)  Watershed Characteristics
2. (6.8.b)  Virginia's Watersheds
3. (6.8.c)  Chesapeake Bay
4. (6.8.d)  Health Of Watershed
Human Impacts
1. (6.9.a)  Importance Of Natural Resources
2. (6.9.b)  Renewable And Nonrenewable
3. (6.9.c)  Air And Water Quality
4. (6.9.d)  Forms Of Energy
5. (6.9.e)  Conservation