Virginia Grade 6 Science (SOL) Practice

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Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic10%
Force, Motion, and Energy20%
Living Systems15%
Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems15%
Earth Resources10%
  • Questions: 1,568
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 170
  • Instructional Videos: 88
  • Vocabulary Terms: 409

Test Standards

Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic
1. (6.1a)  Observations
2. (6.1b)  Measurements
3. (6.1c)  Scale Models
4. (6.1d)  Hypothesis
5. (6.1e)  Validity
6. (6.1f)  Repeated Trials
7. (6.1g)  Metrics
8. (6.1h)  Graphs
9. (6.1i)  Models And Simulations
10. (6.1j)  Science Concepts
Force, Motion, and Energy
1. (6.2a)  Potential And Kinetic Energy
2. (6.2b)  Sun
3. (6.2c)  Nonrenewable Energy
4. (6.2d)  Renewable Energy
5. (6.2e)  Energy Transformations
6. (6.3a)  Earth's Energy
7. (6.3b)  Radiation And Convection
8. (6.3c)  Atmosphere And Oceans
9. (6.4d)  Clouds
10. (6.4e)  Thermal Energy And Weather
1. (6.4a)  Subatomic Particles
2. (6.4b)  Atoms
3. (6.4c)  Chemical Symbols
4. (6.4d)  Compounds And Bonds
5. (6.4e)  Chemical Formulas
6. (6.4f)  Chemical Equations
7. (6.4g)  Elements Of Earth
8. (6.5a)  Universal Solvent
9. (6.5b)  Phases Of Matter
10. (6.5c)  Weathering
11. (6.5d)  Water And Climate
12. (6.5e)  Importance Of Water
13. (6.5f)  Protecting Water
14. (6.6a)  Air
15. (6.6b)  Pressure, Temperature, And Humidity
16. (6.6c)  Altitude And Atmosphere
17. (6.6d)  Changes To Atmosphere
18. (6.6e)  Atmosphere And Weather
19. (6.6f)  Weather Maps
Living Systems
1. (6.7a)  Ecosystems And Watersheds
2. (6.7b)  Virginia's Watershed
3. (6.7c)  Rivers And Streams
4. (6.7d)  Wetlands
5. (6.7e)  Estuaries
6. (6.7f)  Watershed Conservation
7. (6.7g)  Water Monitoring
Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems
1. (6.8a)  Solar System
2. (6.8b)  Planets
3. (6.8c)  Gravity
4. (6.8d)  Revolution And Rotation
5. (6.8e)  Phases Of The Moon
6. (6.8f)  Properties Of Earth
7. (6.8g)  Seasons
8. (6.8h)  Tides
9. (6.8i)  Space Exploration
Earth Resources
1. (6.9a)  Renewable Resources
2. (6.9b)  Nonrenewable Resources
3. (6.9c)  Mitigation Of Land-Use
4. (6.9d)  Conservation