Virginia Middle School Life Science (SOL) Practice

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Also includes:
  • Scientific and Engineering Practices
  • Cell Theory
  • Structural Organization
  • Energy Transfer
  • Biotic and Abiotic Factors
  • Communities
  • Adaptations
  • Ecosystems Change Over Time
  • Ecosystems and Humans
  • Genetics
  • Change Over Time
  • Questions: 1,659
  • Two-Part Items: 110
  • Vocabulary Terms: 342
  • Performance Tasks: 236
  • Instructional Videos: 89

Test Standards

Scientific and Engineering Practices
1. (LS.1.a)  Questions And Problems
2. (LS.1.b)  Investigations
3. (LS.1.c)  Data
4. (LS.1.d)  Conclusions
5. (LS.1.e)  Models
6. (LS.1.f)  Communication
Cell Theory
1. (LS.2.a)  Development Of The Cell Theory
2. (LS.2.b)  Cell Structure And Organelles
3. (LS.2.c)  Plant And Animal Cells
4. (LS.2.d)  Cell Division
5. (LS.2.e)  Cellular Transport
Structural Organization
1. (LS.3.a)  Cellular Organization
2. (LS.3.b)  Unicellular And Multicellular
3. (LS.3.c)  Classification
Energy Transfer
1. (LS.4.a)  Photosynthesis And Food Webs
2. (LS.4.b)  Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration
Biotic and Abiotic Factors
1. (LS.5.a)  Cycles
2. (LS.5.b)  Energy Flow
1. (LS.6.a)  Predator And Prey
2. (LS.6.b)  Competition And Cooperation
3. (LS.6.c)  Symbiotic Relationships
4. (LS.6.d)  Niche
1. (LS.7.a)  Ecosystems
2. (LS.7.b)  Survival
Ecosystems Change Over Time
1. (LS.8.a)  Response
2. (LS.8.b)  Environmental Changes
Ecosystems and Humans
1. (LS.9.a)  Change In Habitat
2. (LS.9.b)  Competition
3. (LS.9.c)  Variations In Factors
1. (LS.10.a)  DNA
2. (LS.10.b)  Meiosis
3. (LS.10.c)  Punnett Squares
Change Over Time
1. (LS.11.a)  Change Populations
2. (LS.11.b)  Evidence For Evolution
3. (LS.11.c)  Survivability And Diversity