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3rd Grade Science (SOL) Practice

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  • Questions 948
  • Vocabulary Terms 202
  • Performance Tasks 126
  • Instructional Videos 50

Test Standards

  1. (3.1.a) Questions and Problems
  2. (3.1.b) Investigations
  3. (3.1.c) Data
  4. (3.1.d) Conclusions
  5. (3.1.e) Models
  6. (3.1.f) Communication
  1. (3.2.a) Multiple Forces
  2. (3.2.b) Net Force
  3. (3.2.c) Simple Machines
  4. (3.2.d) Applications
  1. (3.3.a) Mixing with Water
  2. (3.3.b) Dissolving and Temperature
  1. (3.4.a) Adapt Over Time
  2. (3.4.b) Behavioral or Physical
  3. (3.4.c) Fossils
  4. (3.5.a) Living and Nonliving Components
  5. (3.5.b) Relationships
  1. (3.6.a) Soil and Organisms
  2. (3.6.b) Soil and Plant Growth
  3. (3.7.a) Water Reservoirs
  4. (3.7.b) Sun and Water Cycle
  5. (3.7.c) Water Cycle Specifics
  1. (3.8.a) Human Impact
  2. (3.8.b) Water is Limited
  3. (3.8.c) Fire, Flood, Disease, and Erosion
  4. (3.8.d) Soil Conservation

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