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4th Grade Science (SOL) Practice

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  • Questions 1,315
  • Vocabulary Terms 295
  • Performance Tasks 149
  • Instructional Videos 62

Test Standards

  1. (4.1.a) Questions and Problems
  2. (4.1.b) Investigations
  3. (4.1.c) Data
  4. (4.1.d) Conclusions
  5. (4.1.e) Models
  6. (4.1.f) Communication
  1. (4.2.a) Photosynthesis
  2. (4.2.b) Structures for Energy
  3. (4.2.c) Creating Offspring
  4. (4.3.a) Interrelationships
  5. (4.3.b) Food Webs
  6. (4.3.c) Niche and Habitat
  7. (4.4.d) Classification
  1. (4.4.a) Weather Predictions
  2. (4.4.b) Common and Extreme Weather
  3. (4.4.c) Climate
  4. (4.5.a) Planet Rotation
  5. (4.5.b) Planet Characteristics
  6. (4.5.c) Sizes of Sun and Planets
  7. (4.6.a) Motions
  8. (4.6.b) Seasons
  9. (4.6.c) Tides
  10. (4.6.d) Characteristics of Earth, Moon, and Sun
  11. (4.7.a) Ocean Floor
  12. (4.7.b) Ocean Dynamics
  13. (4.7.c) Ocean Organisms
  1. (4.8.a) Virginia Watersheds
  2. (4.8.b) Virginia Plants and Animals
  3. (4.8.c) Virginia Minerals. Rocks, and Ores
  4. (4.8.d) Virginia Forests, Soil, and Land

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