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5th Grade Science (SOL) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (5.1.a) Questions and Problems
  2. (5.1.b) Investigations
  3. (5.1.c) Data
  4. (5.1.d) Conclusions
  5. (5.1.e) Models
  6. (5.1.f) Communication
  1. (5.2.a) Energy
  2. (5.2.b) Forms of Energy
  3. (5.2.c) Energy Transformation
  4. (5.2.d) Conservation of Energy
  5. (5.3.a) Kinetic Energy
  6. (5.3.b) Motion
  7. (5.3.c) Changes in Motion
  8. (5.3.d) Collisions
  9. (5.3.e) Friction
  10. (5.4.a) Conductors and insulators
  11. (5.4.b) Closed Circuits
  12. (5.4.c) Static Electricity
  13. (5.4.d) Types of Electrical Energy
  14. (5.4.e) Current and Magnets
  15. (5.5.a) Sound
  16. (5.5.b) Sound and Energy
  17. (5.5.c) Sound and Media
  18. (5.5.d) Sound Applications
  19. (5.6.a) Visible Light
  20. (5.6.b) Visible Spectrum
  21. (5.6.c) Path of Light
  22. (5.6.d) Radiant Energy
  1. (5.7.a) Composed of Atoms
  2. (5.7.b) Mixtures
  3. (5.7.c) Energy and Phases
  1. (5.8.a) Internal Energy
  2. (5.8.b) Plate Tectonics
  3. (5.8.c) Rock Cycle
  4. (5.8.d) Change in Surface
  5. (5.8.e) Evidence of Change
  1. (5.1.a) Renewable vs. Nonrenewable
  2. (5.9.b) Conservation
  3. (5.9.c) Transfer and Transform Energy

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