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Physics (SOL) Practice

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  • Questions 2,111
  • Vocabulary Terms 341
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Test Standards

  1. (PH.1.a) Questions and Problems
  2. (PH.1.b) Investigations
  3. (PH.1.c) Data
  4. (PH.1.d) Conclusions
  5. (PH.1.e) Models
  6. (PH.1.f) Communication
  1. (PH.2.a) Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
  2. (PH.2.b) Linear Motion
  3. (PH.2.c) Circular Motion
  4. (PH.2.d) Projectile Motion
  1. (PH.3.a) Newton’s Laws of Motion
  2. (PH.3.b) Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
  1. (PH.4.a) Momentum
  2. (PH.4.b) Conservation of Mechanical Energy
  1. (PH.5.a) Characteristics of Waves
  2. (PH.5.b) Wave interactions
  3. (PH.5.c) Light and Sound
  1. (PH.6.a/b) Reflection and Refraction
  1. (PH.7.a) Gravitations, Electric and Magnetic Forces
  2. (PH.7.b) Field Strength
  1. (PH.8.a) Circuit Components
  2. (PH.8.b) Ohm's Law
  3. (PH.8.c) Different circuits
  4. (PH.8.d) Electrical Power
  5. (PH.8.e) Everyday Applications
  1. (PH.9.a) Duality
  2. (PH.9.b) Quantum Mechanics
  3. (PH.8.c) Relativity
  4. (PH.9.d) Nuclear
  5. (PH.9.e) Solid State
  6. (PH.9.f) Nanotechnology
  7. (PH.9.g) Superconductivity
  8. (PH.9.h) Standard Model
  9. (PH.9.i) Dark Matter and Energy

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