Virginia Trigonometry (SOL) Practice

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Triangular and Circular Trigonometric Functions 20%
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions 30%
Equations and Identities 30%
Applications of Trigonometric Functions 20%
  • Questions 764
  • Vocabulary Terms 93
  • Performance Tasks 51
  • Instructional Videos 42

Test Standards

Triangular and Circular Trigonometric Functions
1. (T.1)  Determine trig values
2. (T.2)  Unit circle
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
1. (T.3ab)  Basic graph features
2. (T.3cd)  Sketch and parameter effect
3. (T.4)  Inverse functions
Equations and Identities
1. (T.5)  Basic identities
2. (T.6)  Trig equations and inequalities
3. (T.7)  Values and inverse values
Applications of Trigonometric Functions
1. (T.8)  Triangle problems
2. (T.9)  Arcs, sectors, velocity