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World History & Geography 1500-Present (SOL) Practice

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  • Questions 1,345
  • Vocabulary Terms 344
  • Performance Tasks 92
  • Instructional Videos 119

Test Standards

  1. (WHII.2.a-e) The World in 1500s
  2. (WHII.3.a-c) The Reformation
  3. (WHII.4.a-e) European Age of Discovery
  1. (WHII.5.a-c) Absolutism
  2. (WHII.5.d&e) Revolutions
  3. (WWII.5.f-h) Germany, Italy, & Russia
  4. (WHII.6.a-c) Islamic Empires
  5. (WHII.6.d-f) East Asian Empires
  6. (WHII.7.a-d) Sub-Saharan Africa
  7. (WHII.8.a-c) Industrial Revolution
  8. (WHII.8.d-f) Europe Before/After Napoleon
  9. (WHII.9.a-c) The Americas in the 19th Century
  10. (WH.II.9.d&e) Age of Imperialism
  1. (WHII.10.a-c) World War I
  2. (WHII.d-f) Interwar Period
  3. (WHII.11.a-e) World War II
  1. (WHII.12.a-d) The Cold War
  2. (WHII.13.a-c) Decolonization
  3. (WHII.14.a-d) Early 21st Century
  4. (WHII.15.a&b) Influence of Major Religions

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