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7th Grade Life Science (SOL) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (LS.1a) Organize Data
  2. (LS.1b) Classification
  3. (LS.1c) Tools
  4. (LS.1d) Models and Simulations
  5. (LS.1e) Error
  6. (LS.1f-g) Variables
  7. (LS.1h) Graphs
  8. (LS.1i) Patterns in Data
  9. (LS.1j) Science Concepts
  1. (LS.2a) Organelles
  2. (LS.2b) Plant vs Animal Cells
  3. (LS.2c) Cell Theory
  4. (LS.2d) Cell Division
  1. (LS.3a) Cellular Organization
  2. (LS.3b) Life Processes
  1. (LS.4a) Domains
  2. (LS.4b) Kingdoms
  3. (LS.4c) Animal Phyla and Plant Divisions
  4. (LS.4d) Species
  1. (LS.5a) Energy Transfer
  2. (LS.5b) Process of Photosynthesis
  3. (LS.5c) Photosynthesis in Food Webs
  1. (LS.6a) Cycles
  2. (LS.6b ) Flow of Energy and Matter
  3. (LS.6c) Aquatic Ecosystems
  4. (LS.6d) Food Webs and Pyramids
  1. (LS.7a) Interactions
  2. (LS.7b) Behaviors
  1. (LS.8a) Food Webs
  2. (LS.8b) Predation
  3. (LS.8c) Competition and Cooperation
  4. (LS.8d) Symbiotic Relationships
  5. (LS.8e) Niches
  1. (LS.9a) Ecosystems vs Biomes
  2. (LS.9b) Ecosystems
  3. (LS.9c) Adaptations
  1. (LS.10a) Phototropism, Hibernation, and Dormancy
  2. (LS.10b) Population Size
  3. (LS.10c) Eutrophication, Climate Changes, and Catastrophic Disturbances
  1. (LS.11a) Food Production
  2. (LS.11b) Changes in Habitat
  3. (LS.11c) Changes in Competition
  4. (LS.11d) Population Disturbances
  5. (LS.11e) Environmental Issues
  1. (LS.12a) DNA
  2. (LS.12b) Genes and Chromosomes
  3. (LS.12c) Genotypes and Phenotypes
  4. (LS.12d) Inherited or Not
  5. (LS.12e) Genetic Engineering
  6. (LS.12f) Genetic Contributions
  1. (LS.13a) Mutation, Adaptation, Natural Selection, and Extinction
  2. (LS.13b) Fossil Record
  3. (LS.13c) Environment and Variations

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