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7th Grade SOL Reading Practice and Test Review

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  • Questions 2,687
  • Vocabulary Terms 131
  • Performance Tasks 173
  • Instructional Videos 75

Test Standards

  1. (7.4.f) References
  2. (7.4.a) Word origins and derivations
  3. (7.4.b) Roots, cognates, affixes, etc.
  4. (7.4.c) Figurative language
  5. (7.4.d) Connotations
  6. (7.4.e) Context clues
  7. (7.5.a) Setting, character, plot, etc.
  8. (7.5.b) Themes
  9. (7.5.c) Cause and effect
  10. (7.5.d) Point of view
  11. (7.5.ef) Forms and genres
  12. (7.5.g) Word choice, imagery, devices
  13. (7.5.h) Main idea
  14. (7.5.i) Inferences and conclusions
  1. (7.4.a) Word origins and derivations
  2. (7.4.b) Roots, cognates, affixes, etc.
  3. (7.4.c) Figurative language
  4. (7.4.d) Connotations
  5. (7.4.e) Context clues
  6. (7.4.f) References
  7. (7.6.a) Text structures
  8. (7.6.b) Organizational pattern
  9. (7.6.c) Conclusions and inferences
  10. (7.6.d) Fact and opinion
  11. (7.6.e) Source, viewpoint, purpose
  12. (7.6.f) Word choice & viewpoint
  13. (7.6.g) Main idea
  14. (7.6.i) Summarize text, details
  15. (7.6.j) Cause and effect
  16. (7.6.k) Organize, synthesize
  17. (7.6.l) Analyze ideas

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