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8th Grade Physical Science SOL Practice

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  • Questions 2,787
  • Vocabulary Terms 393
  • Performance Tasks 276
  • Instructional Videos 123

Test Standards

  1. (PS.1a) Safety
  2. (PS.1b) Measurements
  3. (PS.1c) Conversions
  4. (PS.1d) Tools
  5. (PS.1e) Scientific Notation
  6. (PS.1f-h) Variables
  7. (PS.1i) Graphs
  8. (PS.1j and l) Conclusions
  9. (PS.1k) Research Methods
  10. (PS.1m) Models and Simulations
  11. (PS.1n) Science Concepts
  1. (PS.2a) Particle Theory
  2. (PS.2b) Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Acids, Bases, and Salts
  3. (PS.2c) Phases of Matter
  4. (PS.2d) Physical Properties
  5. (PS.2e) Chemical Properties
  6. (PS.2f) Types of Matter
  1. (PS.3a) Scientists
  2. (PS.3b) Modern Atomic Model
  1. (PS.4a) Structure
  2. (PS.4b) Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals
  3. (PS.4c) Bonding
  1. (PS.5a) Physical Changes
  2. (PS.5b) Chemical Changes
  3. (PS.5c) Nuclear Reactions
  1. (PS.6a) Potential and Kinetic Energy
  2. (PS.6b) Types of Energy
  1. (PS.7a) Temperature Scales
  2. (PS.7b) Phase Changes
  3. (PS.7c) Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
  4. (PS.7d) Thermal Energy Transfer
  1. (PS.8a) Parts of a Wave
  2. (PS.8b) Resonance
  3. (PS.8c) Compression Waves
  4. (PS.8d) Applications of Sound
  1. (PS.9a) Parts of a Transverse Wave
  2. (PS.9b) Wave Behavior
  3. (PS.9c) Lenses and Mirrors
  4. (PS.9d) Electromagnetic Spectrum
  5. (PS.9e) Applications of Light
  1. (PS.10a) Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
  2. (PS.10b) Law's of Motion
  3. (PS.10c) Work, Force, and Power
  4. (PS.10d) Applications of Work, Force, and Motion
  1. (PS.11a) Electricity and Circuits
  2. (PS.11b) Magnetic Field and Current
  3. (PS.11c) Electromagnets, Generators, and Motors
  4. (PS.11d) Conductors, Semiconductors, and Insulators

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