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Middle School Physical Science 2019 (SOL) Practice

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  • Questions 1,878
  • Vocabulary Terms 285
  • Performance Tasks 256
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Test Standards

  1. (PS.1.a) Questions and Problems
  2. (PS.1.b) Investigations
  3. (PS.1.c) Data
  4. (PS.1.d) Conclusions
  5. (PS.1.e) Models
  6. (PS.1.f) Communication
  1. (PS.2.a) Atomic Models
  2. (PS.2.b) Periodic Table
  3. (PS.2.c) Kinetic Molecular Theory
  1. (PS.3.a) Chemical and Physical Properties
  2. (PS.3.b) Physical and Chemical Changes
  3. (PS.3.c) Bonding
  4. (PS.3.d) Balanced Equations
  1. (PS.4.a) Parts of the Periodic Table
  2. (PS.4.b) Classify Elements
  1. (PS.5.a) Stored Energy
  2. (PS.5.b) Transfer of Energy
  3. (PS.5.c) Societal Needs
  1. (PS.6.a) Types of Waves
  2. (PS.6.b) Mechanical Waves
  3. (PS.6.c) Interact
  4. (PS.6.d) Application of Waves
  1. (PS.7.a) Electromagnetic Characteristics and Behavior
  2. (PS.7.b) Uses of Electromagnetic Radiation
  1. (PS.8.a) Motion
  2. (PS.8.b) Newton's Laws
  1. (PS.9.a) Static Electricity
  2. (PS.9.b) Conductors
  3. (PS.9.c) Circuits
  4. (PS.9.d) Magnetic Fields
  5. (PS.9.e) Electricity and Magnetism
  6. (PS.9.f) Technologies

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