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United States History to 1865 (SOL) Practice

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  • Questions 1,145
  • Vocabulary Terms 294
  • Performance Tasks 123
  • Instructional Videos 93

Test Standards

  1. (USI.3.a) Ancient Settlements
  2. (USI.4.a) European Exploration
  3. (USI.4.b) New Interactions
  4. (USI.5.a) Colonizing North America
  5. (USI.5.c) Colonial Perspectives
  6. (USI.5.d) Colonial Relationships
  1. (USI.6.a) Colonial Dissatisfaction
  2. (USI.6.c) Revolutionary Individuals
  3. (USI.6.d) Defeating Britain
  4. (USI.7.b) Developing the Constitution
  5. (USI.7.c) Washington thru Monroe
  1. (USI.8.a) Territorial Expansion
  2. (USI.8.c) Early Inventions
  3. (USI.8.d) Abolitionist & Suffrage Movements
  4. (USI.9.a) Constitutional Issues
  5. (USI.9.b) States' Rights & Slavery
  6. (USI.9.d) Civil War Individuals
  7. (USI.9.f) Civil War Perspectives
  1. (USI.2.a) Continents & Oceans
  2. (USI.2.b) Geographic Regions
  3. (USI.2.c) Water Features
  4. (USI.2.d) Key Geographic Features
  5. (USI.3.b) American Indian Locations
  6. (USI.9.c) Secession Locations
  7. (USI.9.e) Civil War Battles
  1. (USI.3.c) American Indians & the Environment
  2. (USI.4.c) West African Societies
  3. (USI.5.c) Colonial Regions
  4. (USH.6.b) Revolutionary Ideas
  5. (USI.7.a) Articles of Confederation
  6. (USI.8.b) Westward Movement

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