Virginia World Geography SOL Test (Old) Practice

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Physical Geography18%
Regional Geography30%
Human Geography17%
Political & Urban Geography15%
Economic Geography 20%
  • Questions: 811
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 54
  • Instructional Videos: 37
  • Vocabulary Terms: 251

Test Standards

Physical Geography
1. (WG.1)  Maps, Globes, & Photographs
Regional Geography
1. (WG.3)  Region As A Concept
2. (WG.4)  Locating Regions
Human Geography
1. (WG.2)  Physical & Ecological Processes
2. (WG.5)  Human Population
3. (WG.6)  Human Migration & Culture
4. (WG.12)  Apply Geography
Political & Urban Geography
1. (WG.10)  Spatial Divisions
2. (WG.11)  Urban Development
Economic Geography
1. (WG.7)  Natural, Human, & Capital Resources
2. (WG.8)  Developed & Developing Countries
3. (WG.9)  Global Interdependence