Virginia World Geography SOL Test (New) Practice

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Physical Geography2%
Regional Geography2%
U.S. & Canada9%
Latin America and the Caribbean9%
Russia & Central Asia9%
Sub-Saharan Africa9%
North Africa/Southwest Asia9%
South & Southeast Asia9%
East Asia9%
Australia/Pacific Islands9%
Human Geography5%
Political & Urban Geography5%
Economic Geography 5%
  • Questions: 1,393
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 122
  • Instructional Videos: 131
  • Vocabulary Terms: 551

Test Standards

Physical Geography
1. (WG.2)  Physical & Ecological Processes
Regional Geography
1. (WG.3 )  Region As A Concept
U.S. & Canada
1. (WG.5.a)  U.S. & Canada: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.5.b)  U.S. & Canada: Physical Features
3. (WG.5.c)  U.S. & Canada: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.5.d)  U.S. & Canada: Culture
Latin America and the Caribbean
1. (WG.6.a)  Latin America: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.6.b)  Latin America: Physical Features
3. (WG.6.c)  Latin America: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.6.d)  Latin America: Culture
1. (WG.7.a)  Europe: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.7.b)  Europe: Physical Features
3. (WG.7.c)  Europe: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.7.d)  Europe: Culture
Russia & Central Asia
1. (WG.8.a)  Russia & Central Asia: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.8.b)  Russia & Central Asia: Physical Features
3. (WG.8.c)  Russia & Central Asia: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.8.d)  Russia & Central Asia: Culture
Sub-Saharan Africa
1. (WG.9.a)  Sub-Saharan Africa: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.9.b)  Sub-Saharan Africa: Physical Features
3. (WG.9.c)  Sub-Saharan Africa: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.9.d)  Sub-Saharan Africa: Culture
North Africa/Southwest Asia
1. (WG.10.a)  N.Africa/SW Asia: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.10.b)  N.Africa/SW Asia: Physical Features
3. (WG.10.c)  N.Africa/SW Asia: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.10.d)  N.Africa/SW Asia: Culture
South & Southeast Asia
1. (WG.11.a)  South/SE Asia: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.11.b)  South/SE Asia: Physical Features
3. (WG.11.c)  South/SE Asia: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.11.d)  South/SE Asia: Culture
East Asia
1. (WG.12.a)  E. Asia: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.12.b)  E. Asia: Physical Features
3. (WG.12.c)  E. Asia: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.12.d)  E. Asia: Culture
Australia/Pacific Islands
1. (WG.13.a)  Australia/Pac. Islands: Cities & Regions
2. (WG.13.b)  Australia/Pac. Islands: Physical Features
3. (WG.13.c)  Australia/Pac. Islands: Economic Characteristics
4. (WG.13.d)  Australia/Pac. Islands: Culture
Human Geography
1. (WG.14)  Human Population
2. (WG.15)  Cultural Diffusion
Political & Urban Geography
1. (WG.16)  Urban Development
2. (WG.18)  Spatial Divisions
Economic Geography
1. (WG.4 )  Economic Resources
2. (WG.17)  Globalization