Wisconsin Economics (WiAS) Practice

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Fundamental Economic Concepts20%
Microeconomic Concepts20%
Macroeconomic Concepts20%
International Economics20%
Personal Finance Economics20%
  • Questions: 2,069
  • Vocabulary Terms: 209
  • Performance Tasks: 74
  • Instructional Videos: 71

Test Standards

Fundamental Economic Concepts
1. (D.12.2)  Resources & Scarcity
2. (SSEF2)  Rational Decision Making
3. (D.12.2)  Specialization
4. (D.12.7,12.12)  Economic Systems
5. (D.12.4)  Roles Of Government
6. (D.12.2)  Productivity
Microeconomic Concepts
1. (D.12.1)  Flow Of Goods
2. (D.12.2)  Supply
3. (D.12.2, 12.10)  Economic Behavior
4. (D.12.14)  Organization And Role Of Business
Macroeconomic Concepts
1. (12.1,12.5,12.6,)  Economic Activity
2. (D.12.14)  Federal Reserve
3. (D.12.2,12.11)  Fiscal Policy
International Economics
1. (D.12.8)  Trade
2. (D.12.8,12.13)  Trade Barriers
3. (D.12.8)  Exchange Rates
Personal Finance Economics
1. (D.12.9)  Role Of Banks
2. (D.12.2,12.9)  Monetary & Fiscal Policy
3. (D.12.9)  Creditworthiness
4. (D.12.9)  Risk-Management