Elementary School

Three learning modes give you the flexibility to use our Wisconsin-aligned resources for classroom activities, formative and summative assessments, and personalized learning.

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Here's what's in store:

  • 3 learning modes to mix and match inside your classroom
  • Unlimited student and teacher users per school
  • Pre-built and customizable formative and summative assessments
  • Standards-aligned videos, games, projector questions, vocab worksheets/flashcards, interactive puzzles, bell-ringer questions, item of the day, and more
  • Custom remediation for individualized learning
  • Reporting by district, school, classroom, teacher, and student

K - 2nd Grade

Kindergarten ELA (CCSS)
1st Grade ELA (CCSS)
2nd Grade ELA (CCSS)
Kindergarten Math (CCSS)
1st Grade Math (CCSS)
2nd Grade Math (CCSS)

3rd Grade

3rd Grade ELA
* Aspire English - Grade 3
* Aspire Reading - Grade 3
3rd Grade Math
* Aspire Math - Grade 3

4th Grade

4th Grade ELA
* Aspire English - Grade 4
* Aspire Reading - Grade 4
4th Grade Math
* Aspire Math - Grade 4
NAEP Grade 4 Reading
NAEP Grade 4 Mathematics

5th Grade/Other

5th Grade ELA
* Aspire English - Grade 5
* Aspire Reading - Grade 5
5th Grade Math
* Aspire Math - Grade 5
Elementary School Writing

Science/Social Studies

Elementary Science (WSS)
* Aspire Science - Grade 3
* Aspire Science - Grade 4
* Aspire Science - Grade 5
US History to Reconstruction (WSSS)
General Social Studies (WSSS)
Wisconsin Studies (WSSS)

Asterisked (*) tests are included for free!