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US History to Reconstruction (WSSS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (SS.Hist1.a.i) Causes of the American Revolution
  2. (SS.Hist2.c.i) American Revolution: Major Leaders
  3. (SS.Hist2.c.i) American Revolution: Major Events
  4. (SS.Hist4.a.i-d.i,3.c.i) Declaration of Independence
  5. (SS.Hist2.a.i,b.i,c.i) Constitutional Convention
  6. (SS.Hist1.a.i&b.i) The War of 1812
  7. (SS.Hist2.b.i&c.i) Westward Expansion
  8. (SS.Hist2.b.i&c.i) Territorial Expansion
  9. (SS.Hist2.c.i) Social Leaders
  10. (SS.Hist2.c.i) Abolitionist Causes
  11. (SS.Hist2.b.i) States' Rights
  12. (SS.Hist2.c.i) Civil War: Major Battles
  13. (SS.Hist2.c.i) Civil War: Major Leaders
  14. (SS.Hist1.b.i,2.a.i,2.b.i) Civil War Effect
  15. (SS.Hist2.a.i,b.i,c.i) Civil War Amendments
  16. (SS.Hist2.c.i) The Freedmen's Bureau
  17. (SS.Hist2.a.i,b.i,c.i) Jim Crow South
  1. (SS.Geog2.a.3) Major Physical Features
  2. (SS.Geog4.a.4) Man-Made Features
  3. (SS.Geog5.a.3-4 ) American Revolution: Geography
  4. (SS.Geog5.a.3-4 ) Barriers to Expansion
  1. (SS.PS2.a.i) Natural Rights
  2. (SS.PS2.b.5,c.4-5) We The People
  3. (SS4CG1.c) The Federal System
  4. (SS.PS3.c.4-5) Our Republic
  5. (SS.PS2.a.i) The First Amendment
  6. (SS.PS3.c.4-5) The Three Branches
  7. (SS.PS2.a.i) The Bill of Rights
  1. (SS.Econ1.a.3) Opportunity Cost
  2. (SS.Econ1.b.4) Price Incentives
  3. (SS.Econ4.e.3 ) Specialization
  4. (SS.Econ2.a.3-4) Voluntary Exchange
  5. (SS.Econ4.e.3 ) Trade
  6. (SS.Econ2.b.4-5) Technological Advancements

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