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Wisconsin Studies (WIAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (SS.Hist2.a.i) Wisconsin Timeline
  2. (SS.Hist2.c.i) Native Americans in Wisconsin
  3. (SS.Hist2.a.i&b.i) Native Americans and Settlers
  4. (SS.Hist1.a.i&b.i) European Explorers
  5. (SS.Hist2.a.i&b.i) Major Events in Wisconsin History
  6. (SS.Hist2.b.i&c.i) Wisconsin Statehood
  7. (SS.Hist2.c.i,SS.Geog2.b.5) Immigration to Wisconsin
  8. (SS.Hist2.c.i) Wisconsin in the Civil War
  1. (SS.Geog1.a.4-5,1.b.i) Major World Features
  2. (SS.Geog1.c.4-5) Measuring Distance
  3. (SS.Geog1.b.i,c.4-5,4a.4) Using a Grid System
  4. (SS.Geog1.a.4-5,1.b.i) Wisconsin and Its Neighbors
  5. (SS.Geog1.c.4-5) Wisconsin's Regions
  6. (SS.Geog1.c.4-5) Wisconsin's Bodies of Water
  1. (SS.PS3.c.4-5) Branches of the U.S. Government
  2. (SS.PS3.d.5,SS.PS1.b.4-5) State Responsibilities
  3. (SS.PS1.b.4-5) Wisconsin's Symbols
  4. (SS.PS2.b.5) Major Holidays
  5. (SS.PS2.a.i) Rights & Responsibilities
  1. (SS.Econ2.a.3-4) Producers & Consumer
  2. (SS.Econ4.a.3) Wisconsin's Natural Resources
  3. (SS.Econ4.e.3 ) Wisconsin's Industry
  4. (SS.Econ4.a.3) Moving Goods & Services
  5. (SS.Econ1.a.3) Wisconsin and Tourism
  1. (SS.BH1.b.4) Ethnic Groups in the United States
  2. (SS.BH3.a.5) Rules & Laws
  3. (SS.BH2.a.4-5) Cooperating in Society
  4. (SS.BH1.b.4) Community Celebrations
  5. (SS.BH1.a.4,2.a.4-5) Resolving Conflicts
  6. (SS.BH3.a.5) Improving the Community

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