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Behavioral Sciences (WIAS) Practice

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  • Questions 438
  • Vocabulary Terms 116
  • Performance Tasks 36
  • Instructional Videos 37

Test Standards

  1. (SS.BH1.a.h) The Brain's Structure
  2. (SS.BH1.b.h) Individual Identity
  3. (SS.BH2.a.h) Rights & Responsibilities Across Cultures
  1. (SS.BH2.a.h) Societal Insitutions
  2. (SS.BH2.b.h) Cultural & Social Groups
  3. (SS.BH2.a.h) The Influence of Groups & Institutions
  1. (SS.BH3.a.h) Media's Influence
  2. (SS.BH2.b.h) Cultural Assimilation
  3. (SS.BH3.a.h) Ethical Issues
  4. (SS.BH2.a.h) Describing Cultures
  5. (SS.BH2.b.h) Resolving Conflicts in Different Cultures
  6. (SS.BH1.b.h) Eliminating Prejudice & Discrimination
  7. (SS.BH3.a.h) Universal Themes
  8. (SS.BH4.a.h ) Researching
  9. (SS.BH1.a.h) Work Skills
  10. (SS.BH1.a.h) Mental Health
  11. (SS.BH2.a.h) Global Belief Systems

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