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Earth and Space Science (WIAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,288
  • Vocabulary Terms 238
  • Performance Tasks 132
  • Instructional Videos 57

Test Standards

  1. (SCI.ESS1.A.h) The Universe and Its Stars
  2. (SCI.ESS1.B.h) Earth and the Solar System
  3. (SCI.ESS1.C.h) The History of Planet Earth
  1. (SCI.ESS2.B.h ) Plate Tectonics and Large-Scale System Interactions
  2. (SCI.ESS2.C.h) The Roles of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes
  3. (SCI.ESS2.D.h ) Weather and Climate
  4. (SCI.ESS2.E.h and SCI.ESS2.A.h) Biogeology
  1. (SCI.ESS3.A.h and SCI.ESS3.B.h) Natural Resources
  2. (SCI.ESS3.C.h ) Human Impacts on Earth Systems
  3. (SCI.ESS3.D.h ) Global Climate Change
  1. (SCI.CC1.h ) Patterns
  2. (SCI.CC2.h ) Cause and Effect
  3. (SCI.CCS3.h ) Scale, Proportion, and Quantity
  4. (SCI.CC4.h ) Systems and System Models
  5. (SCI.CC5.h ) Energy and Matter
  6. (SCI.CC6.h ) Structure and Function
  7. (SCI.CC7.h ) Stability and Change
  1. (SCI.SEP1.A.h ) Asking Questions
  2. (SCI.SEP1.B.h) Defining Problems
  3. (SCI.SEP2.A.h) Developing Models
  4. (SCI.SEP3.A.h) Planning and Conducting Investigations
  5. (SCI.SEP4.A.h) Analyze and Interpret Data
  6. (SCI.SEP5.A.h) Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  7. (SCI.SEP6.A.h) Construct an Explanation
  8. (SCI.SEP6.B.h) Design Solutions
  9. (SCI.SEP7.A.h) Argue from Evidence
  10. (SCI.SEP8.A.h ) Obtain, Evaluate, and Communicate Information

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