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Political Science and Citizenship (WIAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,106
  • Vocabulary Terms 311
  • Performance Tasks 76
  • Instructional Videos 89

Test Standards

  1. (C.12.3) Founding Ideals & Principles
  2. (C.12.3) Declaration of Independence
  3. (C.12.3) Founding Documents
  4. (C.12.3) Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists
  5. (C.12.3) Principles of the Constitution
  1. (C.12.1) Citizenship and Rights
  2. (C.12.1) Civic Participation
  3. (C.12.3) Constitutional Rights
  4. (C.12.4) Non-Absolute Rights
  5. (C.12.4,12.9,12.10) Achieving Change
  6. (C.12.3-12.5) Expansion of Rights
  7. (C.12.8,12.11) The Media
  8. (C.12.8) Accuracy & Bias
  9. (C.12.7,12.11) Political Parties & Other Influences
  10. (C.12.1) Voter Turnout
  1. (C.12.3,12.6) Examine Constitutional Principles
  2. (C.12.6) Federalism
  3. (C.12.2-12.4) Article I: Legislative Branch
  4. (C.12.2) Article II: Executive Branch
  5. (C.12.2-12.4) Article III: Judicial Branch
  6. (C.12.2-12.4) Judicial Review
  7. (12.3,12.14,12.16) Landmark Supreme Court Cases
  8. (C.12.3,12.14,12.16) Individual Rights
  9. (C.12.2) Constitutional Powers
  10. (C.12.2) Power & Responsibility
  1. (C.12.2,12.13) World Governments
  2. (C.12.15) Human Rights
  3. (C.12.12) International Organizations

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