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Middle School United States History (WiAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (B.8.7) North American Colonization
  2. (B.8.2) Colonial Regions
  3. (B.8.10) Colonial Economies
  4. (B.8.7) Colonial Figures
  5. (B.8.2,8.3) Colonies & Native Americans
  6. (B.8.3) French & Indian War
  7. (B.8.4,8.7) Colonial Society
  1. (B.8.2,8.3) French & Indian War: Effects
  2. (B.8.2,8.9) British Colonial Policies
  3. (B.8.7) Founding Fathers
  4. (B.8.2,8.3) Groups in the Revolution
  5. (B.8.2,8.3,8.9) Revolutionary War Society
  6. (B.8.2,8.3,8.10) The American Revolution
  7. (B.8.6) The Declaration of Independence
  8. (B.8.7) Individuals & Groups in the Revolution
  9. (B.8.6,8.9) The Articles of Confederation
  10. (B.8.6,8.10) The Constitutional Convention
  11. (B.8.6,8.10) Ratifying the Constitution
  12. (B.8.7) President George Washington
  13. (B.8.7) President John Adams
  14. (B.8.7) President Thomas Jefferson
  15. (B.8.4,8.10) Minorities in Early the U.S.
  1. (B.8.1-8.3, 8.5) Westward Expansion (early-1800s)
  2. (B.8.1,8.4) Expansion of Slavery
  3. (B.8.7) Important Individuals
  4. (B.8.7,8.10) Native Americans & Slaves
  5. (B.8.2,8.8) The Transportation Revolution
  6. (B.8.7,8.8) Inventors & Inventions
  7. (B.8.7) Influence of Individuals
  8. (B.8.6,8.7) Second Great Awakening
  9. (B.8.8) The Agricultural Economy
  10. (B.8.1,8.5,8.9) Early Supreme Court Cases
  11. (B.8.10) Women's Rights & Suffrage (early-1800s)
  12. (B.8.2,8.7) Jacksonian Democracy
  1. (B.8.2,8.3,8.10) Civil War: Causes
  2. (B.8.2,8.7) Civil War: Slavery
  3. (B.8.7) President Abraham Lincoln
  4. (B.8.5,8.10) Civil War: A Divided Nation
  5. (B.8.3) Civil War: Comparing Sides
  6. (B.8.7) Civil War: Battles
  7. (B.8.2-8.6,8.9) Reconstruction
  1. (B.8.2,8.10) Expansion & Native Americans
  2. (B.8.2,8.3,8.10) Late-19th Century Immigration
  3. (B.8.9,8.10) Jim Crow
  4. (B.8.2,8.8,8.9) The Rise of Industry
  5. (B.8.9,8.10) The Progressive Movement
  1. (B.8.2,8.3) The Spanish-American War
  2. (B.8.7,8.10) T. Roosevelt's Foreign Policy
  3. (B.8.2,8.3) The U.S. in World War I
  4. (B.8.8,8.9) 1920s Production
  5. (B.8.2,8.10) 1920s Society
  6. (B.8.5,8.10) The Roaring 20's
  7. (B.8.1,8.2) The Great Depression
  8. (B.8.2,8.3) Heading Towards War
  9. (B.8.2,8.3,8.10) World War II
  10. (B.8.2,8.10) World War II: The Home Front
  1. (B.8.2,8.10) The Cold War Begins
  2. (B.8.2) Post-War Economy
  3. (B.8.2,8.3,8.10) Cold War Conflicts
  4. (B.8.2) The Baby Boom
  5. (B.8.2,8.4,8.5) Post-War Globalization
  6. (B.8.2-8.5,8.7) Civil Rights Movements
  7. (B.8.9) New Technologies
  8. (B.8.2,8.4,8.9,8.10) 21st Century Advances
  9. (B.8.10) 21st Century Challenges

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