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U.S. History 1877 to Present (WIAS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 252
  • Performance Tasks 133
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Test Standards

  1. (SS.Hist2.a.m&2.b.m.) Expansion & Native Americans
  2. (SS.Hist2.b.m) Late-19th Century Immigration
  3. (SS.Hist2.a.m&2.b.m.) Jim Crow
  4. (SS.Hist2.b.m) The Rise of Industry
  5. (SS.Hist2.b.m,SS.Hist2.c.m) The Progressive Movement
  1. (SS.Hist1.a.m&1.b.m) The Spanish-American War
  2. (SS.Hist2.b.m) T. Roosevelt's Foreign Policy
  3. (SS.Hist2.b.m,SS.Hist2.c.m) The U.S. in World War I
  4. (SS.Hist2.b.m) 1920s Production
  5. (SS.Hist1.a.m&1.b.m,SS.Hist2.b.m) 1920s Society
  6. (SS.Hist2.b.m) The Roaring 20's
  7. (SS.Hist1.a.m&1.b.m,SS.Hist2.b.m) The Great Depression
  8. (SS.Hist1.a.m,SS.Hist2.b.m) Heading Towards War
  9. (SS.Hist1.a.m&1.b.m) World War II
  10. (SS.Hist2.a.m&2.b.m.) World War II: The Home Front
  1. (SS.Hist2.b.m,SS.Hist2.c.m) The Cold War Begins
  2. (SS.Hist2.b.m) Post-War Economy
  3. (SS.Hist1.a.m&1.b.m,SS.Hist2.b.m) Cold War Conflicts
  4. (SS.Hist2.c.m) The Baby Boom
  5. (SS.Hist2.b.m) Post-War Globalization
  6. (SS.Hist2.a.m&2.b.m.) Civil Rights Movements
  7. (SS.Hist2.a.m&2.b.m.) New Technologies
  8. (SS.Hist2.c.m,SS.Hist3.a.m) 21st Century Advances
  9. (SS.Hist2.c.m,SS.Hist3.a.m) 21st Century Challenges

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