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World Geography: Eastern Hemisphere (WIAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,199
  • Vocabulary Terms 295
  • Performance Tasks 74
  • Instructional Videos 69

Test Standards

  1. (SS.Geog1.a.m,1.c.m) Geographic Information
  2. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Interpreting Geographic Information
  3. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Applying Geographic Concepts
  4. (SS.Geog1.a.m,1.b.m) Political and Physical Features
  1. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Locating Places
  2. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Locating Places, 2
  3. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Physical Regions of Eastern Hemisphere
  4. (SS.Geog4.a.m) Cultural Regions of Eastern Hemisphere
  5. (SS.Geog4.a.m,5.a.m) Links and Barriers
  6. (SS.Geog5.b.m) Conflict & Cooperation
  7. (SS.Geog4.a.m) Changing Regions
  1. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Identify Landforms
  2. (SS.Geog1.b.m) Identify Bodies of Water
  3. (SS.Geog4.a.m) Impact of Plate Tectonics
  4. (SS.Geog5.a.m) Impact of Monsoons
  5. (SS.Geog5.a.m) Impact of Flooding
  1. (SS.Geog4.a.m) Cultural Traits
  2. (SS.Geog4.a.m) The World's Religions
  3. (SS.Geog3.a.m) Economic Development
  4. (SS.Geog3.a.m) Economic Systems
  5. (SS.Geog4.a.m) Political Systems
  6. (SS.Geog5.b.m) Global Interdependence
  7. (SS.Geog2.a.m-2.d.m) Population Effects
  1. (SS.Geog3.a.m) Resources
  2. (SS.Geog5.a.m) Environmental Modification
  3. (SS.Geog4.a.m,5.b.m) Spatial Dimensions

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